Erica Messenger took the courageous step to change careers in her mid-40s. She’s become a certified Well Being Coach who partners with her clients to meet their chosen lifestyle modification goals and an inspiration advocate on her client’s journery to their best health.

She also teaches individual and group meditation, offers recipes for specific dietary needs, and creates all-natural fragrances for sale on her website.

mockup of erica messenger  website featuring a desktop, tablet, mobile phone and laptop

The Challenge

Erica was forging a new path for herself as a Well Being Advocate, Meditation Coach, Blogger, and Perfumer and needed a website to fulfill all of these needs within a cohesive design that allowed her website to grow along with her business.


  • Food & Wellness Blog
  • Events Calendar
  • ConvertKit Integration
  • eCommerce Shop
  • HIPPA Compliant Client Intake Forms
  • Social Share

The Solution

We created a unique blog setup that allows Erica to utilize her posts as a resource for her clients to access information as separate pages: Exercise, Sleep, Planet (to provide lifestyle changes that help the earth) and a Food blog with recipes that can be categorized by dietary types and cuisines.

We added powerful call-to-actions throughout her site to encourage bookings for her health and meditation coaching services along with crafting client in-take forms and adding an events calendar for future group coaching capability.

An eCommerce site was also created to sell her new perfume line TwentyXX© and other fragrances online during the pandemic of 2020 and integration with her email marketing was added to help build her subscriber list.

Does Erica’s journey sound like your own?

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