Carol Reiman captures emotion, character, and soul with water and paint. She is a self-taught watercolor artist that began her artistic life AFTER RETIREMENT!

She offers commissioned portraits of people, special occasions, and remembrance portraits of our furry friends. Carol has also helped individuals and groups alike learn how to express themselves through water and paint too!

mockup of carol reiman art website featuring a desktop, tablet, mobile phone and laptop

The Challenge

Carol wanted a website but was unsure how to bring her breadth of work together into a cohesive collection to help secure potential commissions and help others interested in learning her technique to contact her for private or group lessons.

The site needed to allow her to share links to her exhibits, sell her paintings, and allow possible students to contact her for one-on-one or group lessons. It was also important that we answer FAQs for potential customers and allow them to contact her for commissioned works.


  • eCommerce site
  • Social Share
  • Sale page design
  • Testimonials

The Solution

We created an eCommerce site and categorized her work into four categories that display on separate pages: Portraits (People, Cats, Dogs, Remembrance Portraits), Special Occasions, Moments in Time, and Drawings. We included conversational style copy to each page to show more of Carol’s fun and unique personality.

The Work With Me page was broken down into three subpages: Commissions, 1-on-1 Instruction, and Community Classes. We were also sure to include a page to view her current and past exhibits as well as a page on Giving Back which detailed her efforts to brighten the spirits of patients in a few local assisted living facilities during the 2020 pandemic.

To help prompt sales and commissions we also scattered testimonials throughout her site from former customers.

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