What if your website hustled
as hard as you do?

Imagine having a website that works for your business and saves you time so you can spend those hours focusing on what you love.

As a small business owner, you’re pulled in a million different directions every day and you don’t have the time, or the desire to spend hours learning how to build your website.

Your time is better spent nurturing your ideas into bigger and better ways to serve your clients. It’s why you got into business in the first place.


The problem is, you’re ready to take your business to the next level but your website just isn’t cutting it.

You know that a great website is a must to reach your ideal clients. You want it to reflect all the expertise and hard work that you’ve poured into your labor of love, but you don’t have a clue where to start.

You’ve come to the right place.

I’ve got your back!

Hi, I’m Amy and I specialize in WordPress Website Design and Development for small business owners, like you, who are ready to take the leap to build a strong online presence that works as hard as you do to keep your business thriving.

I work with entrepreneurs who are striving to expand their business and are ready to bring their vision of success to life.  People, like you, who…

  • Want to spend more time on your business not your website.
  • Are ready to have a powerful, professional online presence that’s as impactful as you are.
  • Need a website that can handle the growing demands of your thriving business.
  • Want the best web experience for your clients so they can connect to the value you offer.

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It all started with a hurricane…

In September 2017, my husband and I were living on St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands when two Category 5 hurricanes struck just two 2 weeks apart.  Irma, followed by Maria (locally known as IrMaria) turned our lives upside down and my husband’s job moved us to St. Maarten, a Dutch island in the Caribbean.

A good problem…

I know what you’re thinking, “that’s a good problem to have!” You’re right, there are worse places to be but it was a problem nonetheless. Not being able to legally work there, I had to figure out what to do with myself.  How was I going to use this gift of time I had been given?

Well hellooooo…

Owning my own business had always been a dream of mine and after years of trudging through the restaurant business and random 9 – 5’s that sucked the soul from my chest, I tucked my culinary degree away, dusted off my graphic design degree, brushed up on my web design skills and Drifting Art was born! Before I knew it, I had a full client list from referrals and word-of-mouth alone!

Nowadays, you can find me at my desk with my two little doggy office buddies, Sunny and Shadow, working on client sites, or taking online courses which, frankly, are a bit of an obsession.

I also love, Love! LOVE…

Almost all TV and movies (seriously, I would be a terrible critic, I love them all!)

Puns, the worse the better. (I wanted to make a clever chemistry pun here, but the best ones Argon.) *wink* see what I did there?

Building custom furniture for my home

All things code. CSS, HTML, PHP (you sure know how to talk to a girl, don’t ya!)

Ask me about my dogs, go ahead I dare ya.

Cooking with friends and family

Talking with my hands, I’d be doing it now if I wasn’t typing.

Working with people just like you to make your website dreams a reality!


What’s important to me







Everyone wants to be understood, especially when it comes to something we love. Listening and understanding what you envision for the future of your business is the most important part of our work together. From our first Discovery Call to the final site hand-off, I work to ensure that all our interactions are clear and concise so that we bring the clearest version of your “you-niqueness” to life.


We all know that when you cook with love you can taste the difference, and I’ve found that approaching any passion with an open heart delivers the same result. This is an exciting time for you and your business, let’s add that to the mix! Enthusiasm is contagious, and I’ve got it in spades, baby! Let’s sprinkle that stuff everywhere so your ideal clients can feel it too!


My personal goal with each website is to create a place that truly exemplifies the best of both of us. I’m constantly learning new ways to better my design and development skills and studying to stay on top of current trends and regulations so that I can deliver the best possible website that will serve your business for years to come.


They say that trust is earned when actions meet words. From our first scheduled meeting to the final site hand-off, you can count on me to follow-through and follow-up so you can feel free to focus on well…everything else. You’ve got enough on your plate; let me take this one for you.

This is your business and your website you should have ownership of everything connected to it. I believe, one of the most important aspects of what I do is to equip you with everything you need to understand and navigate this powerful new tool, regardless of whether we work together in the future. Empowering you empowers me. Let’s lift each other up!

I can’t wait to hear more about your business!

Together we’ll build a site that works for your business so you can focus more on what you love!

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